In 1999, This Oregon Mother Mysteriously Vanished And Never Showed Up To Pick Up Her Daughter: Later, Her Car Was Found At Home With The Keys Still In The Ignition, And Her Husband Only Ever Reported A Gun Missing From The House

Later, it was discovered that Teresa’s car was still at her home– with most of her belongings inside. The car keys were also left in the ignition.

Richard never reported his wife missing, though. Rather, he only ever reported one firearm– a 1991 Colt 1911 A-1 .45 semiautomatic handgun– missing from his home.

So an official missing person report was not filed until two weeks after Teresa went missing– and the 34-year-old’s sister-in-law was the person who made the report.

And ever since Teresa went missing over 23 years ago, her daughters have had no contact with their mother. No trace of Teresa was ever uncovered, either, leading her loved ones to speak out.

They created a Facebook page entitled “Help Find Teresa Davidson,” which has since gained over 1,600 followers. There, Teresa’s family has expressed their belief that Richard knows more about her disappearance than he is letting on.

The mother’s loved ones have also reiterated that they are committed to keeping Teresa’s story alive and will not stop fighting until answers are uncovered.

At the time of her disappearance, Teresa was five foot ten, weighed 140 pounds, and had brown hair and blue eyes. She would be 57-years-old today.

If you have any information regarding Teresa’s disappearance or whereabouts, you are urged to contact the Oregon State Police Department at (503) 731-3720.

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