In 2016, This Colorado Teen Disappeared After Leaving Her Home Early In The Morning

Facebook - pictured above is Lashaya

In 2016, Lashaya Stine of Aurora, Colorado, was just 16-years-old. She was a diligent student at George Washington High School, earning high marks that landed her on the honor roll.

That year, Lashaya was also awarded an internship at the University of Colorado Hospital. This achievement was thrilling for the teen since she planned to study nursing in college and eventually pursue a career in medicine.

Aside from those major milestones, July 15, 2016, was also quite an exciting Friday for Lashaya. She began preparing for a job interview at Firehouse Subs, which was scheduled to take place the following day.

Late that evening, though, Lashaya realized that her younger brothers were still awake. So, at about 2:00 a.m., she corraled her brothers, helped settle them down, and put them to bed. But afterward, she proceeded to head out of the house.

By the following morning, Lashaya’s family realized that she was not home and attempted to contact her on her cell phone. However, all of their calls went directly to voicemail.

Lashaya’s job interview at Firehouse Subs was also supposed to take place later that day. But the interview time came and went, and she never showed up.

At that point, Lashaya’s loved ones began searching the neighborhood. But, these efforts came up dry, and they decided to contact the local police.

In the beginning, though, authorities treated Lashaya as a runaway case. So, it took approximately one week for the police to begin seriously investigating her case as a disappearance.

Eventually, Lashaya’s family obtained surveillance video footage of the teen– captured at 2:30 a.m. on the evening she disappeared.

Facebook – pictured above is Lashaya

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