This Dad Shared A Video Of His Little Girl Saying Her Babysitter Smells Like Chowder, And Then The Babysitter Stopped By To Stand Up For Herself After Seeing The Video

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Children can make some wild statements. They can be brutally honest, but that can’t be held against them because, at that age, they’re still innocent and don’t know any better.

Usually, parents are quick to apologize for the things their kids might say to other people. But one dad shared a video of his daughter speaking her truth, and it went viral.

TikToker Jacob (@jakejaymz) posted a video of his young daughter sniffing a pot of seafood chowder at the grocery store and asking why her babysitter smelled just like the soup.

The video has gained over eight million views, and among those viewers was the babysitter herself. Naturally, her response wasn’t a positive one.

In the eight-second clip, the little girl can be seen lifting the soup pot’s lid and saying, “Why does it smell like our babysitter?”

As she inched closer to the soup to lift the lid again, Jacob told her to back up. After catching a second whiff of the soup, she loudly exclaimed, “Whoa!”

The babysitter ended up seeing the video and showed up at Jacob’s house to refute his daughter’s claim.

Jacob posted a follow-up video of some Ring camera footage of the sitter speaking to him through the door.

“I use Victoria’s Secret body spray and Dove deodorant every single day, so I don’t know how I would smell like seafood chowder,” she said.

zakiroff – – illustrative purposes only

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