This Landlord Is Sharing A Story About How His Tenant’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Broke Into His Property And Refused To Leave

Edwin Mera/Wirestock - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Plenty of people complain about how horrible landlords are, but tenants can commit outrageous acts as well.

One man has taken to TikTok to talk about something wild that happened on his property, resulting in several court hearings.

TikToker and landlord Steve (@magicmansteve1) is describing how his tenant’s crazy ex-girlfriend broke into his property and refused to leave.

So a couple had moved into one of Steve’s houses. The boyfriend’s name was on the lease but not the girlfriend’s. One day, they got into a fight.

The boyfriend moved out and headed to New York but continued to pay rent for the house. The girl also left, so the place was empty.

Three to four months passed by without anyone living on the property. But then, the girl broke into the house by smashing a window.

Steve found out about the break-in after his tenant informed him that his ex was in the place without permission.

She wasn’t supposed to be there because since his name was the only one on the lease, he had the right to allow or deny whoever he wanted in the house.

So Steve called the police to get her out of the house, and in response, she claimed that Steve was harassing her.

Edwin Mera/Wirestock – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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