While Dog Sitting For Someone, She Thought That She Got Stuck With An Abandoned Dog

Alexey Kuznetsov - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

Anyone who has been a dog walker or pet sitter is bound to get a kick out of this story. 

One TikTok user and pet-sitter for the company Wag recently documented her puzzling experience when a pet parent left their dog at her house for almost an entire extra day without explanation. 

Val (@eatprayvibe) had TikTok users rushing to her comments section when she posted on New Year’s Eve that the person who booked her to board their dog for one night hadn’t picked him up the next day. 

Val is a pet sitter for Wag, a company that connects pet owners to walkers, sitters, and boarders across the country.

She was booked to watch someone’s dog named Ringon Starr. Val was scheduled to watch Ringon from Friday, December 30th, to Saturday, December 31st. Ringon’s owner was supposed to pick him up by noon that day at the latest but didn’t arrive on time. 

At 12:41 pm on New Year’s Eve, Val began to panic and asked for advice from other pet-sitters on TikTok on what she should do about Ringon.

In her video, Val explains that she tried to get in touch with Ringon’s owner through the Wag app, but she never answered.

Then, Val contacted Wag’s pet caregiver support, who said they would try the same thing. Unfortunately, they also couldn’t get the owner to answer! 

“I don’t have the extra time to watch the dog and give it the care that it deserves,” Val says in her video, as she had New Year’s Eve plans scheduled for that night. “Any advice you have would be appreciated because I don’t want this dog to get abandoned.”

Alexey Kuznetsov – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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