23 Years Ago, She Strangely Disappeared After Getting Into An Argument With Her Husband About Finances

Facebook - pictured above is Debra

Thirty-year-old Debra Marie Melo of Massachusetts was a wife and mother of two kids.

In 2000, she lived with her husband, Luis, in Taunton, Massachusetts. They had been married for fourteen years and, together, managed a Dunkin’ Donuts located in Braintree.

However, Debra and Luis’ marriage was reportedly quite rocky. Back in 1996, Debra was actually forced to get an emergency restraining order against Luis after he allegedly threatened to harm himself and her if she ever attempted to leave.

And leading up to Debra’s disappearance in June 2000, she told family members that she was getting a divorce. Apparently, she was supposed to keep the home and her kids; meanwhile, Luis would be moving out.

On June 20, 2000, however, everything changed after Debra strangely vanished.

That day, Debra and Luis traveled to a doctor’s appointment together. Then, on the way home, Luis claimed they got into an argument about finances– which ended in Debra getting out of the car at about 4:00 p.m.

Luis alleged that he left his wife on the side of Route 18, not far from the South Weymouth Naval Air Station. Then, Luis reportedly drove back a few minutes later and claimed that Debra had vanished.

He did not report his wife missing until 24 hours later. And to this day, Debra has never been seen or heard from again.

As soon as Patricia White, Debra’s younger sister, found out about what had happened, she sprung into action and tried everything to locate Debra.

Facebook – pictured above is Debra

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