He Allowed His Daughter To Leave Her Sketchbook At His House After His Ex-Wife Looked Through It Without Permission And Scheduled An Evaluation With A Psychologist

This man and his ex-wife, Jessica, have a 12-year-old daughter together named Claire.

Since they split up, Jessica also got remarried to Chris, who is 40 years old and has two children. So, Jessica’s stepson, Luke, is 10; meanwhile, her stepdaughter, Addie, is 7.

However, he and Jessica have split custody of their daughter Claire. That’s why Claire spends one week at her mother’s place. Then, on Sundays, they “swap,” and he gets Claire for one week.

Ever since his ex-wife got remarried, though, it appears that Claire has been encountering issues with her new stepsiblings. And just two weeks ago, a major argument happened.

That day, while Claire was at her mother’s house, her stepsiblings apparently snuck into her room and started going through her stuff. In the process, some of his daughter’s important personal belongings were broken– which obviously made Claire very upset.

So, by the time Claire returned home and found out what had happened, she started screaming at her stepsiblings, Luke and Addie.

But, his ex-wife Jessica and her new husband Chris basically didn’t do anything. Instead, they just wrote off the bad behavior as “kids will be kids,” which he seriously disagreed with.

“I think that Addie and Luke need a reality check for their behavior and that they should not get away with it,” he admitted.

Regardless, Jessica and Chris still claimed that his daughter’s reaction was “over the top.” They also suggested it was a “sign” that something might be wrong with his daughter!

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