Her Entire High School Music Program Was Destroyed By A Fire, And They Lost Hundreds Of Instruments

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On the morning of Friday, April 21st, there was a large fire at Highland High School in Pocatello, Idaho.

The fire was eventually ruled as an accident caused by faulty electrical equipment, and unfortunately, it certainly did some damage.

Thankfully, no students, faculty, or staff were injured in the fire, but it did destroy an entire wing of the high school.

It was the school’s D-wing, which contained the cafeteria, gymnasium, band, and choir rooms.

After the Pocatello Fire Department tamed the fire, it was discovered that the D-wing had severe structural damage, which included a collapsed roof.

Thankfully, fire doors in the school prevented the flames from spreading to other parts of the building, but Highland High School students, who have been moved to remote learning, are feeling the effects of losing their music department. 

Christina McIntire is the mother of one of Highland High School’s show choir members and captured a moment between the choir and their beloved director that proves how music can be a powerful way to give people hope after tragedy strikes. 

Days after the fire forced the students out of school, Highland High School choir students gathered together to surprise their choir director, Bret Scherer, with a heartfelt performance of the choral song “You Do Not Walk Alone” by Elaine Hagenberg.

Mr. Scherer can be seen in Christina’s video watching his students in awe as they tearfully sing, “When times are hard, may hardness never turn your heart to stone,” before they all engage in a sweet group hug. 

Lost_in_the_Midwest – – illustrative purposes only

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