Here’s A Brutally Honest Message For Dads That Sport Bad Attitudes During Family Photoshoots

Brocreative-, illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

A photographer on TikTok named Hannah (@hannahholpay) is sharing a brutally honest message about dads and their bad attitudes during family photo shoots.

“I am a photographer, and I cannot express to you guys enough how many men show up to photo shoots, throwing a fit because they have to be there,” said Hannah.

Hannah stitched another video from a creator who goes by the handle @lukesmom21. The creator revealed that she had hired a photographer to capture some nice family photos, but the whole event was disastrous.

“Well, family pictures is over…my son didn’t sleep well last night, so he threw a fit the entire time. And my husband rushed things since he had to go play Xbox. I felt ugly the entire time. I don’t even know if she got any good pictures,” the creator captioned her video.

Hannah expressed her frustration over the fact that most of the time, the dads and their refusal to cooperate are what make it harder for photographers to do their jobs.

She’s telling any difficult dads out there to stop complaining just because they have to take pictures with their families.

When they’re frowning in every single photo, she has to keep taking more pictures until she can get a halfway decent one.

Aside from being a photographer, Hannah is also a mom and wife, so she sympathizes with the moms who put in all the effort to book the shoots and coordinate outfits.

She points out that many husbands don’t take photos of their wives and kids, forcing the wives to take pictures of their children themselves.

Brocreative-, illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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