He’s Pointing Out That One Major Upside To Working At Home Is That Nobody Is Around To Shame You For What You Want To Have For Lunch

Astarot - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Have you ever had a coworker make judgy comments on every meal you bring for lunch? One of the most annoying things about going in to the office is eating lunch with coworkers. There’s always that one person who complains about the smell or can’t stop talking about the diet they’re on.

Sometimes, the whole office even conspires together to passive-aggressively discriminate against a coworker who chooses to eat a particular dish.

Fortunately, ever since the pandemic, a lot more people have been working from home now, and the matter of what to eat for lunch isn’t as much of a concern.

Matt Jones (@mattandjones) talks about how remote working has removed the major stressor of eating in front of coworkers from his life.

“When I make myself lunch here, in the comfort of my home, there’s nobody around to comment on it,” said Matt.

In the caption, he describes lunch at the office as “an invasion of privacy and fat shaming all at the same time.”

While lunch shaming might seem insignificant compared to other workplace issues, it should be taken seriously, as it makes an impact on people struggling with body image and eating disorders.

According to several TikTok users, lunch shaming is extremely common in office environments.

“One time, a white coworker started talking to me in a stereotypical Mexican accent when I was eating a burrito. He didn’t know I’m Mexican American,” commented one user.

Astarot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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