If You Have Chickens, He Has Advice For You On How You Can Get Them To Be Friendly

Moonborne - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual chickens

When you think of chickens, you’re probably picturing squawking birds that aggressively peck at everyone and everything. But did you know that chickens can actually be friendly?

Just like any dog or cat, chickens will jump up on your lap to cuddle if they’ve been trained and raised in an environment that allows them to let down their guard.

TikToker @grassyforkacres owns a bunch of chickens, and he’s explaining how you can raise friendly, sociable chickens that don’t attack people.

“Chickens are naturally skittish animals. They really don’t like being touched a whole lot…” he began.

However, if you spend a lot of time with them in their vicinity and feed them by hand, over time, they will come to recognize you as a regular fixture and warm up to you.

Rather than keeping them penned up in a chicken coop and tossing them food from afar, treat them like actual pets.

Treating them like pets is how you can make your chickens people-friendly.

Think about how you would act toward dogs. You would hand them yummy treats, give them pets, and tell them they are good boys or girls. Well, that’s just what you should do with your chickens!

“The main thing here is to come out and show them that you’re not a threat. You’re their friend,” he stated.

Moonborne – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual chickens

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