His Neighbor Keeps Complaining About Being Able To See Him Through His Window In The Morning Without Clothes On

BestForYou - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever had a window in your home directly across from your neighbor’s window? It’s one of those situations where if you have your blinds or curtains open at the wrong time, you could end up showing your neighbors a little too much. 

One man is in an argument with his next-door neighbor, who’s been complaining about being able to see him wake up without clothes on in the morning.

He’s 28-years-old and has lived in the same house for a few years. One of his favorite features in the house is that his bedroom faces east, so a lot of natural sunlight enters through his windows during the morning and helps him wake up.

He never put up curtains or blinds because they’re expensive, and a line of trees blocked his neighbors from seeing through his bedroom window, which was a good thing because he prefers to sleep with no clothes on.

However, things have changed after a new house went up in his neighborhood. They ended up cutting down the tree line that blocked his home and put up a new house right next door. Now, his new neighbors can see right into his bedroom window. 

Not long after their move-in, the father of the new household living next to him confronted him and told him to stop sleeping without clothes on because his family could see everything.

“He gave me an order and fully expected it to be done like I was his kid or his employee,” he recalled.

However, he still wanted to try and make an effort for his new neighbors, but he kept sleeping with nothing on.

Instead of wandering around in the morning and taking his time before getting dressed, he tries rushing over to his closet to at least put on a pair of shorts. Despite his efforts, his neighbors still catch the occasional glance of him and are still angry.

BestForYou – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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