New Research Suggests That Magic Mushrooms Could Yield Lasting Improvements Among Individuals With Color Vision Deficiency (CVD)

The research team suggested that the visual phenomena induced by psychedelic use are likely the result of brain activity alterations as opposed to the psychedelics’ direct impact on the peripheral eye and retina.

Due to the time delay from psilocybin use to the onset of color vision, the psilocybin could have catalyzed a color interpretation learning process– potentially altering visual region connectivity.

So, even though color blindness usually results from genetic defects, the researchers believe psilocybin may be a viable treatment avenue to explore.

“This case report suggests a single use of psilocybin may produce long-lasting partial improvements in CVD, despite this condition typically resulting from a genetic defect,” the authors concluded.

“This raises important questions about the possibility of psilocybin inducing durable alterations in visual processing in some people.”

Still, further research is needed to determine the underlying mechanism at play, as well as whether psilocybin could yield improvement in more severe cases of CVD.

To read the report’s complete findings, which have since been published in SAGE Journals, visit the link here.

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