She Caught The Moment These People Dined And Then Dashed On Camera

stockmelnyk - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

The absolute worst thing that can happen to a server on the job is the dreaded “dine and dash.” Leaving a restaurant without paying for your food is inexcusable, no matter what. It’s mean, rude, and causes more trouble for the server who’s just trying to do their job.

A woman was enjoying her meal at one of her favorite restaurants, a Japanese restaurant, when she caught the people at the table next to her dining and dashing.

Sierra Perea (@sierraperea) is a content creator on TikTok. She was going to film what she ate, but instead, she wound up recording some dishonest diners. (By the way, Sierra ordered the Beef Yaki Udon, which looked delicious!)

In the middle of their meal, the people at the next table began to complain about the food they had received.

They had already gotten appetizers, soup, and salads and were well into the process of eating.

One lady grumbled to the server about wanting teriyaki chicken, which was not what she had originally ordered.

The waiter graciously complied; however, the diners still ended up dashing out.

Luckily, Sierra is friends with the owners of the restaurant and was able to immediately inform them about the non-paying customers as soon as they were leaving.

Right before the diners exited the restaurant, they were laughing as if they had planned to ditch all along. Then, they got into a Lexus parked at the front of the restaurant and slowly took off.

stockmelnyk – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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