She Had A Bad Reaction To Lime Juice And The Sun, And Her Story Serves As A Warning To Be Careful Out There This Summer

Svetlana Lukienko - - illustrative purposes only

Who could imagine some of the nicest things people usually enjoy–and somewhat considered healthy–could still end up in distress?

Isabel is a TikToker who goes by @pretty.frowns, and for most of her content, Isabel shares fashion and beauty hacks with her community. But this time, she had shared something that wasn’t quite as pleasant as her usual videos.

Last summer, Isabel posted a 20-second video showing that she went to a 4th of July drinking party on a beach, only to wake up with some weird skin effects on the corner of her mouth the following day.

“Woke up with a weird brown mark on my face,” Isabel wrote while giving a close-up shot of her mark.

At first, the mark was still looking faint. But when it started to hurt, Isabel got scared and rushed to a dermatologist.

The doctor asked what she had been drinking over the past weekend, and Isabel told her she had her usual cocktail. However, her footage showed the audience that the drink was a pink cocktail with a piece of lime.

Who would ever think that tiny piece of lime was the cause of her skin irritation?

Okay, well, not just the lime. According to the doctor, Isabel had a so-called “photodermatitis,” a skin reaction caused by lime juice + sun exposure.

According to Mount Sinai, the signs of photodermatitis include the following:

Svetlana Lukienko – – illustrative purposes only

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