She Hasn’t Always Had The Best Relationship With Her Social Media Addict Mom, But Things Got Heated After Her Mom Announced Her Pregnancy Before She Did

sodawhiskey - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Has one of your parents ever posted a picture of you on social media without your permission? It’s happened to many of us whose parents love to post on sites like Instagram and Facebook.

One woman recently had an outburst after her social media addict mom posted about her pregnancy without her permission.

She’s 28 years old, and her mom is 47. She and her mom haven’t always had the best relationship, and things got worse when her mom started becoming addicted to social media.

Her mom loves to brag about her life on social media and make things seem really fabulous to her followers.

For instance, she’ll go out with their family, take pictures and post about the “amazing” dinner they’re having at the table. Then, she’ll sit there silently for the rest of the evening and watch the likes come in.

Things started getting worse with her mom when she told her she was pregnant with her first child. She and her fiancé didn’t want to share the news for a while and explicitly told her mom not to tell anyone, but she didn’t listen and posted all about how she was going to be a grandmother online. 

Two weeks ago, she and her fiancé went to the doctor for an ultrasound.

“It was supposed to be an intimate appointment between me and my fiancé,” she explained.

“But she invited herself, showed up an hour early, and then told all the nurses there she was the grandmother and needed to be let back in.”

sodawhiskey – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person












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