She’s Childfree And Sharing Her Opinion On The Way The Question Of Motherhood Is Perceived By Society

She is also addressing the hypocrisy in society over parents who bounce back and forth between saying that choosing not to have a child is self-centered but then that the main purpose of having children is so that they can be there to help you when you’re a senior citizen.

Though she is not single, being a childless adult in a world of parents can be the best option, as she points out, because you’re the designated ‘cool’ friend that everyone wants to hang out with when they’re sick of seeing other moms.

This way of looking down on those who choose not to have children is a problem that has gotten really bad in society, especially with the increased amount of Instagram and TikTok accounts dedicated to parenting.

It’s important to note, too, that the pandemic probably also pushed these parents further into these childless couples’ space, as having more children during the pandemic seemed to be a popular outcome of living in isolation with your spouse for two years.

Instead of further pushing this narrative, conversations about not having children by choice need to change.

“People should question why they want to have children just as much as people who don’t want to have children question it and think about it,” she said. “Not everybody should be a parent.”

She makes a good point, too, about how adopting pets comes with more hoops to jump through than having a child does. If you have a child naturally, nobody is there to evaluate whether or not you’re a qualified parent.

If you adopt a pet, however, someone background checks you and your partner to make sure you’ll take good care of them.

“I had to fill out a two-page questionnaire, write a one-page essay, submit pictures of our house and backyard, two references, and my vet’s phone number,” she said.

“In the time it took me to collect all that, there were probably seven teenagers getting pregnant in the back of a van, and depending on where they live, they’re going to be forced to be parents.”

It should be okay for some people to want children and for others not to want them. It’s a preference, just like having a favorite cuisine or color.

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