She’s Talking About Her Weird Therapy Experiences That Hardly Seem Appropriate

Ilona - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Therapy is a wonderful source of mental health support for many people. There are plenty of fantastic therapists out there that take the time to work with their patients through the problems they are facing.

But some therapists can be destructive toward your healing process and may violate the code of ethics that they are supposed to be bound to.

TikToker Lexi Stout (@thelexistout) is talking about two very weird experiences she had when she attempted to go to therapy, and she’s asking TikTok if these are normal therapist behaviors.

The first therapist she visited made assumptions about Lexi’s childhood that caused her to feel super uncomfortable.

At first, she didn’t even realize what her therapist said was horrible until she told a friend about it because she had never been to therapy before.

So Lexi saw the first therapist, who was male, about four or five times. During their sessions, they started diving deeper into the topic of Lexi’s family, particularly her father.

Her dad wasn’t around much when she was a kid because he worked a lot. And then, her parents got divorced when she was young.

Upon hearing this information, the therapist speculated that Lexi might not be her father’s child and implied that her mom had cheated on her dad. But Lexi noted that she looked just like her father.

Once Lexi recognized that her therapist wasn’t being appropriate, she sent him an email, informing him that she wouldn’t be returning to see him anymore.

Ilona – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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