She’s Teaching You How To Professionally Insult People In The Corporate World While Keeping Things Respectful

bnenin - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Sometimes, your job will cause you stress, whether it’s due to a micromanaging boss, incompetent coworkers, or the workload itself.

You might feel compelled to say something, scream, curse, and yell. But as satisfying as it may feel, calling people names is not an option. You’re an adult with a career, not a kindergartner on the playground at recess.

TikToker Kayla (@bodybytacobell) is teaching you how to professionally insult people in the corporate world while keeping things respectful. She translates regular blunt insults and phrases into more appropriate language.

If you want to tell someone, “That’s a you problem,” say instead, “That seems to fall more in your job responsibilities.”

And how would you let someone know that they’re a liar? Respond with, “I recall that quite differently.”

Next is: “Told you so,” which will translate to “As per my prediction, this outcome is not a surprise to me.”

If you want to communicate to someone that they’re stupid, say, “To put it more simply…” and explain what you need to explain.

When you’re wondering how to say, “Who asked you?” turn to this nifty little remark: “Can you clarify who brought you in on this project?”

To tell someone they can mess around and find out, say, “Do whatever you think is necessary, and I’ll react accordingly.”

bnenin – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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