Some High School Students And Their Teacher Created The Longest Charcuterie Board In The World

Brent Hofacker-, illustrative purposes only,

Do you know the place where the longest charcuterie board in the world calls home? Southern California is where this record-breaking appetizer was born!

While most charcuterie boards are meant to feed small groups at house parties, this one amounted to a feast that could nourish an entire village.

On March 24, 2023, a handful of students from Adolfo Camarillo High School, aided by high school teacher Peter Wachtel, embarked on the project to break a world record for the longest charcuterie board and ultimately succeeded.

The public school is located in Camarillo, California, and a little over 2,000 students are enrolled there. Peter is the school’s architecture and design teacher. He came up with the idea to build the longest charcuterie board after attending a conference.

The board they created ended up stretching over 200 feet long, which is longer than two blue whales put together. And it surpassed the previous Guinness World Record by more than 50 feet.

The former record for the longest charcuterie board was held by a market research company based in Chicago, Illinois, named Datassential.

The 200-foot board was assembled in the span of three months. Fifty students worked in tandem to reach the goal and accumulated about a total of 100 hours spent on the project.

The students reused wood from the high school’s gym bleachers, which were recently replaced. Once the board was finished, it took 45 minutes to carry it to the school’s football field, where it was then placed in a tented area on some tables.

Culinary students from Pacifica High School helped arrange 500 pounds of food on the board, including various cured meats, cheeses, fruits, and nuts.

Brent Hofacker-, illustrative purposes only,

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