She’s Talking About The Numerous Problems With Food Waste And What You Can Do About It

2. Plan Out Your Meals

Take a look in your pantry and see what kind of meals you can create out of what items you have to get your money’s worth. Get creative with it! Combine some leftovers and turn them into a tasty meal. Keep an eye on things that will go bad quickly, like produce.

Either find a way to eat them sooner rather than later or find a way to preserve them so that they can still be used at a different time.

3. Get Into Composting

You might be thinking, it seems impossible not to through ANY food away. This is understandable, so if you are throwing food away on occasion, consider starting to composite it.

Alison shares in her video how her compositing process works to dry out her food scraps so that they do not end up in a landfill. “Food that is composted doesn’t release methane and is ultimately better,” Alison explains.

These tips are a great way to get started in reducing your household food waste!


Replying to @vampirevtubervixen I could talk about reducing food waste for dayssssss. What questions do you have? Tips to Zero Waste 101 * meal plan * start with whats already in your house tho * prioritize “aging” foods * freeze/preserve things before they’re trash * compost when you can * reinvent leftovers! #nofoodwaste #foodwastewarriors #leftovers #mealplanning #foodcycler #methaneemissions @thefoodcycler dries my scraps! ?

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