He Really Wanted To Ruin The Life of His Wife’s Boss After This Guy Made His Wife’s Life Miserable, But She Was Too Kind-Hearted To Let That Happen

ID 97226055 - © Sebnem Ragiboglu - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

It’s only natural to want revenge on someone who hurts someone that you love. You suddenly become so protective of the person that you want to do anything you can to prevent them from ever feeling pain again. But sometimes, the best thing for you and your loved one is to let it go and let karma handle it.

TikTok user John (@beingjustjohn) shares how his fiancée’s boss was treating her badly, and while he wanted to confront him about it, his fiancée told him not to bother.

John is clearly frustrated in his video, wishing that he could stoop down to this boss’ level and ruin his life. But John’s fiancée is the type of person to rise above and tries her best not to let other people’s behavior impact her. However, the behavior of her boss and other coworkers was very mean, heartless, and uncalled for.

John’s fiancée is a Ukrainian woman, and she had just gotten this new job when the heartbreaking war in Ukraine began. As she started getting into the swing of things at her new place of work, her superior thought it would be a funny joke to play Russia’s national anthem in front of her a few times per day, just in pursuit of a reaction out of John’s fiancée.

“Meanwhile, her family has been directly impacted by this war. She’s had family members die and homes just absolutely destroyed,” John shared.

Of course, this behavior was very hurtful to John’s fiancée, so she attempted to report it to HR. However, the person who she spoke to was evidently close friends with her superior and therefore let the inappropriate behavior slide.

Since these guys were very high up in the company, they thought they were untouchable. But, in only two weeks of working there, John’s fiancée shot above them all! At her job, they are supposed to send out a report every week, congratulating those who have been doing good work. But something strange happened once John’s fiancée started excelling in the company.

“They intentionally did not send out that report for like 3 or 4 weeks because she was on the top of the leaderboard,” John explained.

Finally, corporate called them out on it, and while they did eventually send it out, there was no hyping up John’s fiancée as they typically would do. They didn’t say anything at all!

ID 97226055 – © Sebnem Ragiboglu – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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