He Told His Girlfriend’s Dad That The Food He Cooks Is Garbage After His Girlfriend’s Dad Yelled At His Girlfriend And Said He Would Never Walk Her Down The Aisle

prostooleh - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Cooking can get very competitive between family members. There are always those few family members who get into debates over how to cook something during a family gathering.

One man is a professional chef who recently got into a fight with his girlfriend’s dad, who always tries to one-up him with his cooking.

He’s 27 and has been with his 29-year-old girlfriend for four years. He is a trained chef working at an upscale local restaurant and is looking into opening his own restaurant in the next year or two.

When he first met his girlfriend’s family a few months into their relationship, he got along with everyone really well, except for her dad. 

“Her father, on the other hand, was less than impressed with my training as a chef and constantly boasted about his cooking, constantly trying to one-up me,” he explained.

“He was always the person who cooked for the family on weekends and [at] family functions. That was until [during] one of these family gatherings, my girlfriend’s younger sister’s birthday, where the sisters and girlfriend asked me to cook for the night.”

Everyone was so impressed with his cooking during that gathering that they replaced his girlfriend’s dad with him as their go-to cook. He’s cooked for several more of his girlfriend’s family events, and it’s been driving her dad crazy.

His girlfriend’s dad has been clearly upset over him stealing his “family cook thunder.” One time, when he cooked something for his girlfriend’s family, her dad took one bite and pushed his plate away before leaving to get fast food out of spite.

Since his girlfriend moved in with him a few months ago, she hasn’t eaten anything made by her dad.

prostooleh – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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