He Uninvited His Cousin’s Fiancée From Attending His Wedding After She Badmouthed Him And His Wife

Dmytro - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

A man had to recently uninvite his cousin’s fiancée from attending his and his wife’s wedding. But before doing so, he and his wife spoke with their parents about the situation.

The reason why he and his wife planned to uninvite his cousin’s fiancée was because both his cousin and his cousin’s fiancée were badmouthing him and his wife. His cousin and his cousin’s fiancée also tried to manipulate others to feel negative about him and his wife.

But he said that the horrible things his cousin and his cousin’s fiancée were saying were just not true.

He illustrated one example of the negativity, in which his cousin’s fiancée called his wife’s mother a derogatory name since she had a lot of children.

So, after this drama unfolded, he and his wife sent his cousin and his fiancée a carefully worded message explaining that his cousin’s fiancée was now uninvited from the wedding.

And considering the respect that he and his wife showed in this message, they both assumed that his cousin and fiancée would understand the decision and show the same respect in return.

Unfortunately, he and his wife were wrong.

“My cousin and his fiancée took it too far and got super offended by it, and my cousin’s fiancée kept coming at my wife for disinviting,” he said.

Then, his cousin didn’t show up to the wedding. So, a couple of weeks later, he talked to his cousin, and the argument continued.

Dmytro – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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