She Went On A Dinner Date With A Homeless Man, But She Didn’t Know He Was Homeless Until They Were In The Middle of Their Date

loki_ast - - illustrative purposes only

TikToker Kristina (@hurricanekristina) went on a date with a homeless man, but she didn’t know he was homeless until they were in the middle of their date.

So she met him on Tinder, and they talked for three weeks before deciding to go on a date together. She was excited to see him and gave him her address so he could pick her up.

He told her that it would take fifty minutes for him to get to her place because he didn’t have a car, so he would actually be walking there.

Kristina was confused and offered to pick him up instead. He agreed, and she ended up meeting him in front of a thrift store. He was carrying a bag with him that he brought into her car.

When she asked him what it was, he replied that he planned to stay the night at her place. At that point, Kristina was still not aware that he was homeless.

So she looked at him with an incredulous expression on her face and asked him if he really thought he was getting lucky that night. He responded with a self-assured “yes.”

Although his audacity was shocking, she was impressed by his confidence. She wanted to go out to dinner first to see if things would work out. However, he wanted to skip dinner altogether and Netflix and chill instead.

After some back and forth, they finally decided on a restaurant. When they arrived, he started ordering almost every item on the menu.

Then, he pulled out his wallet and announced that he had forgotten his credit card. That’s when she found out he was homeless.

loki_ast – – illustrative purposes only

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