Her Date Ordered A Ton of Sushi At Dinner, Let Her Try One Piece, And Then Boxed It All Up To Take Home

Rido - - illustrative purposes only

Take this story as a lesson on how not to behave on a date! A TikTok creator named Alexia (@alxia_c) is discussing a terrible date she went on with a guy who was both cheap and judgmental.

So this guy had invited her out on a date, and she decided to accept and give it a chance because she was trying to put herself out there more.

On the morning of their date, he texted her to confirm their plans and lay out all the details. But when the time came closer for their date, he asked her if she could drive to his house so they could take one car to dinner instead of meeting at the restaurant.

Alexia agreed, assuming he would be driving them to the restaurant. However, when she arrived at his place, he suggested she drive since he was paying for their meals.

It caught her off guard completely. She was at a loss for words, so she went along with his idea. But after the realization had set in, Alexia became annoyed. She pointed out that he was the one who had asked her on a date, so he should also be the one who drove.

Anyway, she put the situation behind her because she still wanted to enjoy the evening. When they reached the restaurant, they ordered drinks, which took a while to arrive. Their waiter was apologetic and explained that the bar was getting backed up.

Alexia’s date looked at the waiter with a straight face and asked if they could get a free meal for the inconvenience. Alexia was mortified.

Still, she decided to stick it out, thinking he might’ve been having a bad day. She ended up ordering a miso soup and a seaweed salad, both of which were affordably priced.

For their second round of drinks, she chose to order something different. However, when she took a sip of the new drink, it was absolutely disgusting. So, of course, she didn’t want to finish it.

Rido – – illustrative purposes only

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