Her Parents Left Her With Their Friends 7 Years Ago So They Could Travel The World, But Now They’re Coming Home And They Expect Her To Go Back To Living With Them

ID 155291914 - © Erhan Inga - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When this 17-year-old girl was only 10-years-old, her parents decided that they wanted to go on a world trip. Since she was too young to join them at the time, they decided to leave her under the supervision of some close friends of theirs.

Their friends, Pete and May, lived on a farm in Montana, and she would live there with them for the next 7 years of her life.

Having lived in Chicago up until that point, the transition from city life to farm life was a challenging one at first. Additionally, she felt sad, angry, and completely abandoned by her parents. She couldn’t understand why they would leave her in such a way.

Luckily, Pete and May were a nice couple and helped her get through some of those big emotions that she was understandably feeling. They treated her as if she were their own daughter, and she really grew to love life with them on the farm.

Since she was able to attend school online, she has helped out on the ranch a lot and also learned to ride and take care of horses.

“They even gifted me my own horse to care for, and I love her so much. Honestly, this kind of life just sits so well with me. I am genuinely enjoying every second of my life,” she explained.

In regards to her parents, she has had contact with them every few weeks or so over the past seven years. Sometimes they will hop on a video call with her, or she’ll receive postcards from the new place that they are visiting. She feels, however, that after that initial feeling of abandonment wore off, she never really found herself missing them.

Recently, she received a message from her parents letting her know that they are finished with their travels and that they are planning to pick her up once they are back so that they can go back to living together just like they used to. They told her how much they had missed her and couldn’t wait to see her soon.

“Which I think is really unfair because if they really missed me, they wouldn’t have gone off traveling for seven years,” she said.

ID 155291914 – © Erhan Inga – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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