He’s Been “Pregaming” The Dinners His Wife Cooks, Because She Never Makes Enough Food - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When you live with someone who doesn’t eat the same amount of food you eat, mealtimes can get a little complicated. 

One man upset his wife after she found out he had begun “pregaming” the meals she made because she doesn’t cook him enough food.

He and his wife are both 32. They got married and moved in with each other about five months ago.

Things have been going well, but there’s one problem. His wife doesn’t make enough food for him. 

He weighs around 230 pounds and works a physically demanding job, so he needs a good amount of food throughout the day to keep him going. However, his wife insists on serving him tiny portions during mealtimes. 

At dinnertime, his wife tends to serve really tiny meals. For instance, she’s given him a Chinese chicken salad with only about 30 grams of chicken and a measly pile of greens. Most nights, after finishing dinner, he’s still very hungry.

“At first, I tried to openly communicate with her, but she always took it horribly,” he said.

“She would adopt a thousand-yard stare and then begin talking about how incompetent she is and how she can’t even make her husband a proper dinner.”

When he noticed how angry and emotional his wife would get every time he brought up her small portions, he would tell her to calm down and that everything was fine. He’d make up reasons to make her feel better like he “eats too much” anyway. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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