She Agreed To Go On A Diet With Her Stepdaughter, But Then She Quit Without Telling Her, And When Her Stepdaughter Found Out, She Was Super Upset

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This 38-year-old woman is married to her 44-year-old husband named Jack. Jack has a 21-year-old daughter named Mia from a previous relationship, and Mia is engaged right now.

Mia’s wedding is happening next year, and Mia is on a mission to lose weight for her special day. Due to that, Mia has put herself on a diet.

She says that Mia has been “heavier” her entire life, but she considers her weight to really be healthy, considering her height.

“She asked me to join her in her diet, and I agreed to help support her,” she explained. “Mia and I have never been close, and I saw this as a way for us to bond.”

“I broke down a month into the diet, though, and gave up. I didn’t say anything, as I saw Mia lose weight as a result of this diet and noticed how much happier Mia was.”

“I have a high metabolism, and my work is stressful, so regardless of what I eat, my weight has always been consistent.”

Last week, they had a family dinner, and Mia gave her a compliment and mentioned that she appears more slim than normal.

Her husband, Jack, then joked that he saw her eating fast food in their kitchen one evening, and that meant she had no choice but to confess.

So, she told Mia that she had quit the diet a couple of weeks back, but she didn’t mention it since she did not want to ruin it for Mia.

ID 34259122 – © Martinmark – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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