She Called Her Sister Out On Feeding Her Husband More Food Than Her Kids, And Then She Went To Get Them Fast Food Since They Didn’t Have Enough To Eat

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The trending “almond mom” term has been making many people rehash how their parents affected their current relationship with food, whether it be a healthy or unhealthy relationship.

Hopefully, the discussion continues and creates awareness around how influential a parent can be regarding eating habits.

One woman angered her old-fashioned sister when she bought her nieces and nephews fast food because they didn’t get served enough food from their mom at dinnertime. 

She’s 32-years-old and has a 34-year-old sister who is married with four kids ages 11 to 7. 

Her sister’s family is quite different, as they live a very extreme life. Her sister is a diligent stay-at-home mom and housewife, while her brother-in-law works a 9 to 5. 

“It is a very male-dominated and patriarchal lifestyle, and I try to respect that when I visit,” she explained.

Although she tries her best to go along with how her sister’s household works, sometimes, they do things that really bug her.

The other night, she was at her sister’s house for dinner. Her sister made a homemade pizza that was about the size of a large takeout chain restaurant pizza.

It did not look like enough to feed everyone comfortably, so she opted out of having any. Plus, she doesn’t think her sister is the best cook.

KEA – illustrative purposes only

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