She Lives In The Appalachian Region, And She’s Sharing A Spooky Story About The Time She Discovered Paranormal Activity In Her Basement

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Don’t read this story before going to bed if you want to be able to get a full night of sleep. But if you enjoy a good scare, then by all means, go for it!

TikToker Heather Redden (@omgheather0917) lives in the Appalachian region, and she’s sharing a spooky story about the time she discovered the occurrence of paranormal activity in her basement.

Her house is located in a heavily wooded area, and the stretch of woods goes on for miles. Beyond the trees, the Appalachian mountains can be spotted in the distance.

Since she lives in the woods, seeing or hearing creepy things around her house is a pretty common occurrence. But one night, something really eerie happened.

Heather had been hearing strange noises all night. Then, she noticed that the basement door was open. The door led directly into the woods, and she could hear someone moving around in the basement.

She stood at the top of the stairs and called out to her husband at the time, thinking that he was downstairs doing something. She yelled, “Is that you?”

He hollered back, telling her to come down to the basement. As she began to make her way down the stairs, she questioned why her husband was sitting in the dark. An uneasy feeling came over her, so she paused midway down the stairs.

Heather’s daughter appeared behind her and asked Heather what she was doing. She told her daughter that she was just about to check on her dad.

Heather’s daughter informed her that her dad wasn’t even home and had been gone for an hour. Immediately, Heather raced back up the stairs and looked out the window. Sure enough, her husband’s car was not parked in the driveway.

aheflin – – illustrative purposes only

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