She Went To See The New Barbie Movie With Friends Instead Of Her Stepmom, And Her Stepmom Got So Angry That Her Dad’s Wedding Was Actually Called Off

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This 14-year-old woman went to see the new Barbie movie with some friends just last night.

But, right after she finished watching the film, she realized that her 43-year-old soon-to-be stepmother had sent her a ton of text messages.

Apparently, her stepmom was really upset, and she got accused of ditching her stepmom– who also wanted to watch the Barbie movie– for her friends.

Now, she thought about the messages for quite a while. However, she ultimately decided to push them to the back of her mind for the sake of just ignoring the stress and enjoying her hang out with her friends.

Then, once she had a chance to gather her thoughts, she formulated a response.

Her stepmom had asked in the initial messages if she was upset about something. That’s why, in her response, she decided to be upfront and tell her stepmom the truth.

“I told her I wasn’t comfortable seeing her because of the things she’s done to me and my sisters,” she explained.

“[For instance], making uncomfortable and [weird] comments about our bodies, joking about sensitive topics to us, pitting us against each other, years of verbal torment, etc.”

Rather than trying to understand her feelings, though, her stepmom just fired back– calling her a disappointment, a liar, and a “lost child.”

Designpics – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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