She’s Showing You How To Make A Baked Potato Board To Go With Your Grilled Chicken Or Steak This Summer

Arrange the toppings in the middle of a large circular serving board. Then, position the potatoes around them along the outer edge.

Set out the board, and watch everyone eat them up!


Make this Baked Potato Board to go along with all your grilling meats! Ingredients (for 10 ppl) • 10 potatoes (baked potato kind like Idaho) • kosher salt (a good amount to sprinkle on each potato) • olive oil (to coat potatoes on, about 1/3 cup) Serve with your favorite toppings! Here are some great options: chili, shredded cheese, green onions sliced, sour cream, butter, chopped cooked bacon, chopped jalapeños, diced avocados, diced tomatoes, salsa, cheese sauce, sliced olives, etc…use your creativity and make it your own. To make the baked potatoes: Poke some holes on each clean potato with a fork, coat them in olive oil and sprinkle some kosher salt on each. I like to wrap mine on aluminum foil individually so they cook a little faster. Bake them off at 400 degrees for about an hour. Make sure you insert a thin knife or fork and they are tender before you remove them and adjust the time accordingly. Carla’s tip: if you are heading out and need to finish them on the grill, you can pre cook them in boiling water and follow the steps leaving them ready on the foil. When ready to grill, add them and check them until tender. Enjoy! . bbakedpotatob#bakedpotatobarssummerdishssummerrecipeeeasymealsggrillingseasonqquickmealsffoodrecipesffoodtutorialfoodblogger #tiktokfood

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