She Bought Her Dad $600 Concert Tickets As A Birthday Gift, But Her Dad Asked Her To Return Them, And She Feels Heartbroken

Hamiza Bakirci - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 20-year-old girl has a special connection to a rock band that her dad loved, and they always listened to them together when she was growing up. She has fond memories of listening to their music in the car with her dad and has continued to be a fan of the band as she’s grown up.

But the band has never performed in Canada, where the father and daughter live, so they have never been able to attend one of their concerts.

However, she saw that they were doing a farewell tour and did everything she could to get her and her dad tickets to the show in the USA that was closest to them. They could make a road trip out of it and be able to share a once-in-a-lifetime experience together.

Since this was going to be a birthday gift for her father, she took care of all the expenses– including the $600 for the meet and greet tickets and the hotel room, and planned to cover food, gas, and the price of a passport for him.

Also, she always paid a portion of their rent and was still planning to do that. She was so excited to tell him about this special gift but was a bit underwhelmed by his reaction.

“I gifted them to him on his birthday, and he seemed kind of weird. Happy, but definitely wasn’t the reaction I was expecting,” she explained.

A few days later, her father texted her, explaining that while he really appreciated the gift, he thought it was too much money for her to spend and was more concerned about the rent money, even though she was still planning to pay it. In the end, he asked his daughter to return the concert tickets and told her that he didn’t want to attend.

“I told him how much it meant to me as well, and it wasn’t just a gift for him, and he just didn’t really seem to care much… I’ve cried over this many times,” she said.

Unfortunately, the tickets were not refundable, so not only is her heart broken about her father’s reaction to what she thought was a thoughtful gift, but she has lost $600 as well.

Hamiza Bakirci – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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