After Her Third Date With A Guy, She Invited Him Back To Her Place To Have Some Wine With Her, But He Got So Aggressive That She Had To Lock Herself In Her Bedroom

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TikToker Abby (@wanderwithabby) is talking about the most horrible date she’s ever experienced.

It was her third date with this guy, and she invited him into her home for some wine after dinner. However, he got super drunk and became extremely aggressive.

He would not respect her boundaries when she told him she did not want to take things to a physical level. It got to the point where Abby was forced to lock herself in her bedroom because she was so terrified.

In a video posted to TikTok, the guy can be heard pleading with Abby to open the door and her telling him to go away.

An hour later, she decided to venture outside her room to see if he was still there. She saw that he was passed out on the couch and discovered that he had left a disgusting surprise in the bathroom. Her bathroom sink was filled with his vomit.

In a follow-up video, Abby explained the circumstances leading up to the incident. So they went on their first date a week and a half before this incident.

Their second date was a double date with Abby’s friends, who actually really liked him. For their third date, he asked Abby out to dinner. Dinner was amazing, and there were no red flags in sight.

Abby was having a great time and didn’t want the night to end, so she invited him over to her house. But little did she know that she would deeply regret it.

Things quickly went south after arriving at her place. She poured two glasses of wine for both of them, then went to take her dogs outside.

ornStudio – – illustrative purposes only

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