This Famous Racehorse Was Stolen In 1983, And Then His Captors Sent A Ransom Note Demanding $2 Million Dollars, But He Was Never Seen Again

However, the intruders told Jim to expect a ransom call from them and gave him a code to remember.

When Jim returned home, the authorities weren’t informed of the incident until Shergar had already been missing for eight hours. They had no leads. Eventually, a call was made from Shergar’s captors, demanding over $2 million in exchange for his return.

Not wanting to inspire a chain of stallion kidnappings, Aga Khan and those with a share in Shergar chose not to pay the ransom. During the negotiation process, the captors anonymously sent Polaroid photos of Shergar to try and prove he was still alive.

But once the ransom wasn’t met, Shergar’s captors stopped calling, and negotiations ceased.

No one could figure out where he was, but many suspected he had been taken by the Irish Republican Army (IRA), who were in need of funds to continue their activities.

It wasn’t until the late 1990s when an imprisoned IRA informant named Sean O’Callaghan claimed that Shergar was killed by his captors within hours of his kidnapping because he had become too excited, hurt himself, and couldn’t reach a veterinarian. It was also alleged that Shergar had been buried in the countryside near the border of Northern Ireland.

However, those who investigated Shergar’s disappearance could not find evidence supporting Sean’s story, so the tragic case has technically remained open.

In Shergar’s honor, the Goodwood Racecourse in England inaugurated a racing event called the Shergar Cup in 1999.

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