He Upgraded His Seat On A Plane So He Wouldn’t Have To Sit Next To His Stepdad’s Family, And His Stepdad Called Him Rude

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This 14-year-old guy is currently on vacation with his mom, his stepdad, and some of his stepdad’s family members.

This marks the second summer in a row that he has vacationed like this with his stepdad’s loved ones, and last year, he did have a good time.

The only problem was that the flights were awful for him to deal with. Specifically, this was because his mom forced him to share his Switch and video games with his stepdad’s brother’s kids while they were on the plane.

His stepdad’s brother’s kids did not bring a single thing to entertain themselves with on the flights, so his mom made him do something about it.

“They could have watched a movie or something on the screen on the seat,” he explained. “I got to be bored because they didn’t plan ahead.”

“So this year, I planned ahead. My dad gives me money so I can buy souvenirs and do my own thing. I asked him if he could upgrade my seat for me.”

“He looked it up and saw that it was on sort of an auction system. If there are better seats to be had, then if you win your bid, you get the seat. He checked with my mom and asked her if she was okay with it. She said she was.”

His dad ended up paying around $55 to upgrade his seat on the plane to a spot where he had more legroom.

He also got a seat that was close to the front of the plane, and he was absolutely thrilled. He even scored a window seat instead of having to sit in the middle of a back row.

dennisvdwater – – illustrative purposes only

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