Her Boyfriend Didn’t Buy Her An Anniversary Present, And Then He Took Her Out To Dinner At A Restaurant That Had Nothing On The Menu That She Could Eat

yellowj - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 31-year-old woman has been dating her 35-year-old boyfriend for one year, and their relationship marked a fresh start for her after coming out of a difficult 11-year relationship.

During those years with her ex, however, she faced constant disappointment on special occasions as he would never buy her gifts to celebrate major holidays. He always claimed her presents were running late or on their way, but nothing ever materialized.

Even her birthday gifts, due in September, would arrive as late as December and only after pleading with him to get her something.

Gift-giving is completely her love language, and she thinks it’s the highest form of personal expression of affection; not a sign of materialism as some might mistakenly think.

Her new relationship was supposed to be different, but six months in, a rude awakening awaited her on Valentine’s Day. Despite her effort and excitement, her boyfriend had not even bothered with a card.

She had picked out a beautiful dress to wear, she wrote him a heartfelt card, and she even purchased a present for him. Yet, he did nothing for her in return.

She let it go, attributing the oversight to an honest mistake and a lack of expectations in his past relationships.

She communicated her feelings and tried to set the stage for their anniversary, even though her pride was wounded. The plan was simple: he’d take her to dinner, and she would treat him to something special.

“Before you come at me with being entitled, the plan was he would take me for dinner, and then I’d treat him to something else,” she explained.

yellowj – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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