Her Boyfriend Told His Son In Front of Her That She No Longer Wants To Take Care of Him, And The Little Boy Started Crying

Miljan Živkovi? - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

This young woman has a boyfriend who is 30, and her boyfriend has a son who is now 6. She began dating her boyfriend when his son was just 2.

The mom of her boyfriend’s son never wanted her to be a part of the little boy’s life, and she admits that she has never been on the same page as her.

Initially, everything was going well, and her boyfriend’s son spent every other week with them. But, now her boyfriend’s son spends every day with them, as his mom got arrested a year ago.

“In the beginning, we divided the chores and child care equally,” she explained. “4 months ago, my boyfriend got an opportunity to work on 3 projects, which could lead him to a big promotion.”

“He’s always working late, either from home or in the office. I’ve been doing all the chores and childcare since then.”

“I cook, clean, get his son ready in the morning, and drop him off at daycare. The only thing my boyfriend has to do is get his son ready for bed.”

Last Friday, she sat her boyfriend down and said that starting on Monday, she will no longer be caring for his son.

Her boyfriend got really mad at her, and he said that since they are a family, they need to rely on one another for support.

Her boyfriend mentioned that he needs her in this moment, and he asked her to please be patient.

Miljan Živković – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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