Her Husband Sat Her Down And Said She Is Not Allowed To Be Friends With Single Guys Anymore

Evgenia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 26-year-old girl has a husband a decade older than she is, and her husband is aware that she has always had a tough time making friends when she became an adult.

Her husband has always tried to help her come out of her shell and be authentic, and he also has encouraged her to try to make some new friends.

As soon as she began doing that and made a new friend, her husband turned around and accused her of cheating on him, even though that has never happened.

Eight months ago, she made a new friend named Sam, and she met him at work. Sam is kind, hilarious, and everything you could ever hope for in a friend.

“I don’t find him attractive at all from a relationship standpoint, for context,” she explained. “I’ve hung out with him and another friend, Cara (F), many times after work.”

“My husband sat me down last night and accused me of cheating because I went to look at cars at a dealership with Sam; we are both on the market for a new car. Husband didn’t like that it was just him and I.”

“Even got to the point where he tracked my location on my phone and watched the Ring footage to see whose car I was going into. Husband has met Sam before, and they hit it off pretty well, which makes this whole thing it’s cause IDK what got into him.”

Another thing that is really bothering her husband about Sam is the fact that he is her number one friend on Snapchat.

She’s not sure how this happened because although she does snap Sam 2 or 3 times every single day, they mostly just trade pictures of the wall or the floor.

Evgenia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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