Here’s How You Can Grow A Mango Tree From Just A Seed

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For many, eating a mango is a somewhat magical experience. Biting into the juicy fruit with its lip-smacking flavor is a deeply cherished summertime memory.

Mangoes are grown in large commercial farms, but you can have your very own mango tree in your backyard! Can you imagine just walking into your yard, plucking the fruit from a branch, and enjoying it over the sink as its juices run down your arms?

All your dreams of creating a tropical paradise in your backyard could come true if you save the seed from a mango and plant it. The process can be a challenging one, but it’ll be well worth the effort.

Mango seedlings can be grown either outdoors or in containers. The trees grow best in warmer climates. The success rates of growing a mango tree will vary, so you should plant several seeds at once to increase your chances.

Plant seedlings from a ripe mango. The seeds should be firm, white in color, and encased in a pulpy/stringy husk. This husk must be removed before planting the seed. To remove it, cut a small hole in the edge of the husk, then continue cutting along the edge until you are able to pry it open.

After taking out the seed, wrap it in a wet paper towel and place it in a small plastic baggie. Keep the bag in a warm, moist location until it germinates. You should see signs of growth within a few days.

Once the seed has sprouted, fill a small three to four-inch container with potting soil. Plant the seed, making sure to cover it completely with soil.

Move the pot to a bright, sunny spot with indirect light. Temperatures must stay between 65 and 90 degrees for optimal growing conditions.

Water your mango seedlings whenever you notice that the top two inches of soil are dry. You must be watering enough so that the excess water pours out from the pot’s drainage holes. Once the plant develops more, you won’t need to water it as much.

Pixelkram – illustrative purposes only

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