His Vanlife Ex-Wife Is Mad That He Won’t Let Her Stay In His House, But Offered To Take Her Dogs Temporarily

otsphoto - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dogs

This man’s wife left him and his kids behind several years ago. His now ex-wife was interested in a life that was far different from what they did have together.

His ex-wife ended up purchasing a converted van and driving off into the sunset to become a van life influencer.

She did wind up accumulating some followers along the way, but she didn’t have enough to pay her bills by any means.

“She is in the city right now, and her van needs repairs,” he explained. “We are in the middle of a heat wave, and she needs a place to stay for a week or two.”

“This is only the second time in two years she has bothered to see our kids. I have done my best to make sure that they know that even though their mom is gone, it isn’t because she doesn’t love them.”

“I said she was working far away. Even after the divorce, I made sure she could have all the visitation she wanted.”

So, his ex-wife won’t stay with her mom and dad since they don’t support the fact that she walked out on him and his kids.

She could stay in a hotel, but she won’t because that will negatively impact her finances. He really does not want his ex-wife staying with him in his house since his kids will lose it when she once again leaves them all behind.

He knows the best thing for his kids is to spend time with his ex-wife on neutral territory, not in their own home.

otsphoto – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dogs

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