In 2013, This Young Man From California Disappeared While Visiting Friends In San Francisco

Kim’s sister, Chelsea Denton, detailed how she had not seen Crishtian since Tuesday– when he was given $70.

“I spent most of the day trying to get phone numbers to locate my son’s friends who he had been with. It was a failure,” she said.

Later that afternoon, though, Kim received a knock on her front door and was greeted by officers from the San Diego Police Department.

Authorities inquired about if Crishtian had made it home. And upon telling the officers no, Kim immediately knew something was very wrong.

It turned out that one of her son’s friends had called the police in San Francisco, concerned about whether or not Crishtian had arrived home safely.

The friend was prompted to contact authorities because, apparently, Crishtian had packed up all of his things and left his friend’s house in the middle of the night prior to his flight back to San Diego.

And for Kim, the largest question she has is why her son would do that.

“Why would he get up in the middle of the night in a city with no car when his friends were at home and were his ride to the airport?” she wondered.

Kim then decided to contact the airline that her son was supposed to fly home with to see if Crishtian had made it on his flight. However, the airline would not release that information to Kim.

At that point, she became extremely worried and turned to her son’s phone records– hoping to find a number to contact him. Although, the records revealed nothing, and Crishtian’s last text message had been sent at 1:18 a.m. on Wednesday evening.

“And then no activity whatsoever,” Kim said, “It’s like he has just disappeared into thin air.”

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