She Defended An Entire Castle From A 1,300 Person Invasion For 5 Days With A Few Maidservants And Her 25 Male Servants

For five days, Blanche and those inside Wardour Castle stood their ground as the army shot at the castle from the outside. How wild is that?

It wasn’t until the final days when the Parliamentarian army set off explosions that damaged the castle, prompting Blanche to surrender on the condition that those in her household be spared.

Unfortunately, not all of Blanche’s terms for surrender were met, and she was imprisoned along with her daughter-in-law and grandchildren. Blanche was released not long after due to illness along with her daughter-in-law and passed away in Winchester, England, in 1649.

Before passing, she discovered that her husband, Thomas, had been killed in battle the same month Wardour was attacked.

Although her outcome was not a positive one, the bravery of Lady Blanche is quite astonishing and is a fascinating piece of English history. Those who may find themselves out near the Wiltshire countryside in England can visit the ruins of Wardour Castle today.

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