She Freaked Out And Called Her Boyfriend’s Mom Fat When They Had Dinner Together, Which Made Her Cry

Not only did Mary make her feel lesser than and not really like an adult, but she is Black, and she believes that Mary was referencing her skin color when she made a comment about her “kind.”

She absolutely flipped out on Mary and called her fat. Mary and her boyfriend’s dad were horrified that she said what she did.

“Mary started crying, and I immediately felt bad,” she said. “Before I could even say anything, my boyfriend grabbed my hand and took me to the car, and we went home.”

“It was silent on the way home, and I asked if he wanted to talk, and he said, “Let’s just talk about it tomorrow” he then went to bed, but I can’t help but feel bad.”

She’s left wondering if it was wrong of her to snap and call Mary fat. What do you think?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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