She Went On Vacation With Her Husband’s Family, And After They Excluded Her From Going Out To Dinner With Them, She Flew Home

Andrew Bayda - - illustrative purposes only

This 26-year-old girl went on vacation with her husband’s family 2 weeks ago. Her mother-in-law has never treated her well at all, and it mostly stems from her mother-in-law thinking she grew up lower class.

Her mother-in-law has referred to her as “backward” and “ignorant” because of her upbringing.

Anyway, back to the vacation she took with them. On the day that they arrived, they checked into their hotel, and she found out that her husband’s parents had made a reservation for a very upscale restaurant that evening.

Her husband never told her about the reservation. Instead, she found out after he had already gotten dressed up and was ready to go.

“I asked where he was going, and he said he and [his] family were going to eat out, but I wasn’t invited because his mom “assumed” that since I wouldn’t be familiar with the food and “how to eat it” it there at the restaurant, then it’s better for me to stay in and eat at the hotel,” she explained.

“I didn’t argue I just let him go then I packed and took the first flight home. He freaked out and called many times, and when he found out that I went home, he blew up and called me ridiculous and irrational for doing this.”

“Even said that I acted in an ungrateful manner and embarrassed him in front of his family after he literally begged to have me go on the trip.”

She got into a fight with her husband after she already arrived home. When he came back from the trip, he just gave her the silent treatment and refused to speak to her.

Since then, she has found out that her husband’s family is criticizing her “indirectly” through social media for leaving them and their vacation behind.

Andrew Bayda – – illustrative purposes only

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