This Medieval Queen Was One of The Wealthiest Women In All of Europe, And She Later Spent 16 Years Imprisoned In England

Her son, Henry, fell ill in 1183 and begged for Eleanor’s release on his deathbed. Her husband, Henry, obeyed his son’s wishes, released her, and allowed her to return to England the following year. There, she resumed a few duties as queen but was powerless and still considered a prisoner.

When the king died, her son Richard took the throne and officially released Eleanor. She heavily campaigned for her son, preparing for his coronation and forging alliances. When Richard died in 1199, she was employed by her youngest son, John, the new heir to the throne, as an envoy to France.

Eleanor lived out her final years as a nun in Fontevraud Abbey before dying in her early 80s in 1204.

Eleanor of Aquitaine lived what seems like a million lives during her 80 years and will always be remembered for her story.

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