Her Dad Was A Pilot, Crashed Into The Pacific Ocean, And Was Never Found

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Aircraft accidents happen from time to time. That’s just the risks that come with traveling by plane. Most accidents have a clear cause, such as stormy weather conditions or mechanical failure. But some others are shrouded with uncertainty.

TikToker Alison (@alisonnfit) is talking about how her father mysteriously vanished from the face of the earth when she was a young girl.

Her dad, Troy Johnson, was a pilot, and on August 26, 2015, he was flying an experimental plane when he crashed into the Pacific Ocean and was never found.

Her family lived in a mini airport, and her dad had top security clearance with the government. They owned four or five planes through the company her dad worked for, and she frequently flew on airplanes throughout her entire childhood.

Recently, Alison got her hands on some footage of her dad’s plane crash. She described the route her dad had flown before his aircraft dove into the ocean.

He went from Point Reyes, California, to Phoenix, Arizona. Then, he made a pit stop in Palmdale, California, to refuel his plane, which she found odd because he never stopped in Palmdale.

“He always has enough gas topped off to get him from point A to point B as long as he’s not flying across the country, so that is so out of his character to do that,” said Alison.

From Palmdale, he traveled 460 miles off the coast and crashed. Alison and her family were told that he had lost consciousness.

Another important piece of information that Alison mentions is that he had been connected to the tower but stopped responding. Two fighter jets found him in the air, pulling up on either side of his plane.

willyam – illustrative purposes only

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