She Forced Her Daughter With Alopecia To Wear A Bandana To School Because She’s Afraid of The Teen Getting Bullied, But Her Daughter Is Sick of It And Wants To Go To School Bald

shurkin_son - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 40-year-old woman’s daughter, who is 13, has alopecia areata. Over the past three years, this has caused her daughter to lose most of the hair on her head, as well as her eyebrows and eyelashes.

So, ever since turning 10-years-old, her daughter has worn a bandana that covers her head.

“I have talked to her about wigs a few times, but my daughter has said she’s not interested,” she explained.

“We’ve explored some treatments as well, although she says she isn’t really interested in those, either.”

She is also thankful that the alopecia has not seemed to impact her daughter’s life too much. In fact, her daughter is excelling at school, has a good group of friends, and has continued participating in everything– the same as before.

However, just last week, she noticed that her daughter wasn’t wearing the bandana while heading out for school. Her daughter claimed to be sick of wearing it and just wanted to go to school bald. Then, her daughter planned to explain the hair loss to her friends.

She didn’t let her daughter do that, though, and made the teen put the bandana back on before leaving for school that day. And even though her daughter wasn’t happy about it, the bandana was eventually put back on, and the topic has not come up since.

“I honestly am just worried because kids in middle school can be absolutely vicious, and even though my daughter is a strong girl, I really do not want her to get bullied for this,” she reasoned.

She also believes that her daughter would be better off if she wore a wig. But she knows her daughter isn’t interested, which is why she avoids bringing that option up.

shurkin_son – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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