While Walking Back To His College Dorm In The Snow One Night, He Thought He Saw His Crush, But He Really Ran Into A Ghost Who Knew His Nickname

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This man named Muhammad is the first in his family to graduate from high school and college. His mom sadly passed away in a car wreck when he was 15. He felt that graduating from high school and moving away from home to attend college would have made his mom happy.

While applying to colleges, Muhammad’s scholarship essay pertained to what entrepreneurship meant to him.

Eventually, he was offered a full-ride scholarship to the school of his choice and ultimately decided to attend Juniata College. He was in college from 2002 until he graduated in 2006.

During college, Muhammad made wonderful memories and had an amazing group of friends he’ll cherish forever. He loved music and theatre, and since he’d been playing the saxophone since 2nd grade, he was a saxophone player in the jazz band.

For years, he daydreamed about becoming a successful saxophonist like the legendary Johnny Coltrane.

In the middle of January 2005, Muhammad was participating in a theatre production. One night, their performance ended late, and he’d been in charge of sound for the stage.

During the performance, he wore all-black, and after the production was over, he exited the theatre from the back entrance. From there, he walked to a building utilized for music students to practice.

“It was an old, converted house that was typically open late. So, I arrived, and it was still open. That night, I was practicing the tenor saxophone solo to Buddy Rich’s ‘Channel One Suite.’ The time went by, and the lights were motion detection, so it went dark. I got up so that the sensor could turn the light back on. My mother always told me I was a bit clairvoyant,” Muhammad said.

Once he sat down in his chair to continue practicing, he felt like someone was watching him. He stopped the CD he’d been listening to and stopped playing his sax.

foxberry – – illustrative purposes only

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